St. Patrick and Prayer

I was surprised to find out how far from the real St. Patrick our culture had come in our present day St. Patrick's Day celebrations and paraphernalia. When I began to dig deeper I found a very different picture of this beloved saint. He wasn't about leprechauns or rainbows with pots of gold...He was all about prayer! 

First and foremost, I was overwhelmed at the sheer number of prayers attributed to this holy man, not only ones he wrote but also many that were inspired by him.  Prayer is central to our relationship with God and so it was with St. Patrick. When he strayed and forgot his early faith formation, when the real moments of truth and living his beliefs came in his life, he turned to prayer. 

I can totally relate to the forgetting part...I can very easily forget Him in my daily life but when I really need Him, I begin again in conversation, I begin to pray.  St. Patrick must have learned how to be quiet and listen to God too!  You see he had a two way conversation with God! He heard Him and obeyed and prayed for the many souls he longed to send to Christ! How many St. Patrick prayers have you heard or prayed? Maybe this St. Patrick's Day you and your kids can learn one that speaks to your hearts and in the process grow closer to God.  Look below for just a few we were able to find.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!


PS - I added a cute video below (so scroll down) may have already seen or have a copy of this but the creators get it right. They really show children the power of St. Patrick and prayer! Enjoy!

Enjoy this video from Veggie Tales on St. Patrick and Prayer!

Want to Learn More?

Then try the Emmanuel Books St. Patrick's Kit that we designed with families in mind!  There are plenty of things to do for a variety of ages, including cross-curriculum activities such as handwriting, notebooking, history, hands-on arts and crafts and more...

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