A Family Treasury Of Proverbs

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By Frances Lincoln. For nearly thirty centuries the Old Testament Book of Proverbs, attributed to King Solomon, has stood as a living testament to human knowledge and experience: Its pithy sayings have become an intrinsic part of thought and speech, proving as true for our day as for the day they were first written.

Here are fifty proverbs selected to reflect, the many facets and challenges of living -- love, friendship and family, duties and pleasures, times and seasons, wisdom and folly, and the pursuit of virtue. Among them are a number of precepts chosen from the Old Testament Books of Ecclesiastes, also ascribed to Solomon, and the Song of Solomon. The collection also includes maxims from two books of the Apocrypha: the Wisdom of Solomon and Jesus ben-Sirach's Ecclesiasticus -- noted for its epigrammatic thought.

Each proverb is illuminated with a detail of a painting chosen from one of the world's great art museums. The glowing colors and fine detail of medieval, Renaissance, and later artists provide fresh perspectives on the age-old sayings and make this a book to be treasured.

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