A Marian Devotional

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By Edward F. Garesche. Edward F. Garesché was a practicing lawyer, a published poet, a Jesuit priest, and much more besides — but most of all, throughout his life he was a son of Mary. So great was his love for her that he even founded Sons of Mary Missionaries, a medical missionary congregation. That’s why, when we found his Marian Devotional, we expected great things.

We weren’t disappointed!

Fr. Garesché writes about Mary the way you would write about your mother. She’s someone he knows well, loves profoundly, and wants very much for you to know as well. Accordingly, this beautiful little book is perfect for your prayer times, for eucharistic adoration, and for anytime you can take a moment to recall the really important things in life. Each brief chapter brings you to a new realization of the power, the love, and the holiness of Mary — and each one concludes with a prayer to our Lady that will bring freshness and vigor to your devotion to her.

Fr. Garesché was fond of referring to Mary as "the most beloved woman." In A Marian Devotional, he’ll show you how you can have the same love for her — and rest in her arms as she leads you to her Divine Son!

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