Head of the Family

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     Here's the award-winning classic that for over forty years has shown Christian men how to be the loving husbands and fathers that Christ calls them to be.Rooted firmly in Scripture, this warm and wise book calls on husbands to cease thinking of themselves simply as bosses and breadwinners.
     Rather, says author Clayton Barbeau (a father of eight and a seasoned Marriage and Family Therapist) husbands are co-creators with God, imitators of Christ's love for His people, High Priests in their own domestic Church, teachers of their children, witnesses to society, providers of spiritual and material goods, and models of holiness. Armed with this rich vision of who they are, Christian husbands and fathers are better able to combat the evils that threaten their marriages and their children: promiscuity, divorce, cynicism and despair.
     Barbeau offers more than just a positive Christian vision of marriage and fatherhood. Drawing on his own experiences as a husband and father, he laces these pages with wise and practical tips that will help men transform this Christian vision of marriage into a daily reality in their home.
     This book makes good husbands; and good husbands make happy homes. Get your copy today!

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