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No shipping for Downloadable Content.  All downloadable content is Non-returnable. All Seasons Prayer Bank eBook by Monica McConkey Every Lent, I start out with a lot of plans, to give up things, to do extra things, to clean closets and give away clothing and toys we don’t need, to go to weekday Masses, to bring out our Passion Play Peg People or the Stations of the Cross Carousel and actually say the prayers as a family, to be strict about meatless Fridays and for all of us to walk around hand in hand and cheerful, but praying and fasting, all the time. This pretty much never works. School is busy, kids’ activities don’t stop, at least one family birthday sneaks in and usually our March Break happens, bringing with it at least 2 significant Feastdays. There are also usually 3 Catholic conferences requiring immediate planning including maneuvering our Catholic products across the Canada/U.S. border to the show. I inevitably give up munchies ... and end up getting just plain grumpy, with not a cheezie, cheeto or chocolate chip cookie in sight. In addition to a few things I have in mind for this Lent, I’m hoping to lead my family in a deeper commitment to prayer. At Arma Dei, we have just released our latest, new and significantly expanded All Season Prayer Bank. This Cathletics Craft Kit offers instructions for a unique hand-made prayer bank to hold a collection of classic Catholic Prayers and Saint devotions. When I say that the paper craft kit has been expanded, I mean it! It now features a cool envelope template, lots of clipart, 74 special prayers with graphics, along with over 25 prayer card templates for you to add your own prayers, composed at home, school or Church!  The little heartfelt prayers that our kids come up with are the best...and will be cherished for years to come! Description from Monica McConkey