Angels Faith Folder Lapbook eBook

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There is no additional shipping charge for this item, since it is accessible on-line! You will receive an email with instructions when your eBook is available for download.   Angels Faith Folder Lapbook/eBook   This Faith Folder covers the hierarchy of the nine choirs of angels. The angels are are heavenly helpers and can be overlooked but they are of very active in our lives. This Faith Folder also includes detailed information about each of the nine choirs, angels in scripture, fallen angels, as well as Church teaching and the experience of saints and popes with the angels. All of the components can be easily adapted toward a variety of ages and learning levels and a variety of options are offered for each component. Contains:   " Decorative Front and Back Covers " "Hierarchy of Angels Tower " "Three Levels of Hierarchy" Triangle Book Set " "The Nine Choirs of Angels" Open-Up Book Set " "The Archangels" Square Book Set " "Guardian Angels" Open the Doors Book " "Prayers to the Angels" Pocket & Prayer Cards Set " "Angels in the Old Testament" Fanned Pages Book " "Angels in the New Testament" Fanned Pages Book " "Angels in the Life of Jesus" Graduated Pages Book " "Facts About Our Heavenly Hosts" Multiple Flaps Book " "Church Teaching" Unfolding Hexagon Book " "Fallen Angels" Rectangle Book " "Angels at Mass" Unfolding Rectangle Book " "My Guardian Angel" Q&A Set " "Papal Angels" Pentagon Book " "Feast of the Archangels" Scroll " "Resisting Temptation" Trapezoid Book " Assembly Instructions " Sample Pictures