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Our Ebook price $4.95 — 55% Off (Paperback Retail price $10.95)! No additional charges. Non-returnable Beowulf the Warrior eBook Ian Serraillier .epub, 48 pages, Ages 14+ An outstanding version of the oldest epic in the English language. Ian Serraillier has retold in verse the story of the hero Beowulf and his three memorable experiences-first, his rescuing of Hrothgar the Dane from the ravages of monstrous Grendel; next, his victory over Grendel's strange and horrible mother; and finally, in Beowulf's old age, his saving of his own people, the Geats, from the horrors of a dragon at the cost of his life. This particular version is a good beginner version of this classic tale. Beowulf's heroism and noble heart are certain to inspire. (PB,48pp.)