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Our Ebook price $4.95 — 59% Off (Paperback Retail price $11.95). No additional charges. Non-returnable. Brave Buffalo Fighter eBook by John D. Fitzgerald .epub, 178 pages, Ages 12+ Here is a realistic and moving tale of pioneer spirit on the American plains. The Parker family, unused to any kind of pioneering life, leaves St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1860, part of a westward-bound wagon train. Pa has decided to pack the entire family and go out west in an attempt to raise cattle, a notion that Ma has tried to dissuade Pa from doing for years. This powerful story, presented through the narrative of 10-year-old Susan Parker, really centers around Jerry, Sue's 12-year-old brother. Each family member is challenged by the hardships of an incredibly difficult journey in which there is a jumble of classes and types of people. The story is action packed, with buffalo stampedes, Indian attacks and more!!! To survive they must learn how to pull together. Jerry thrives on the life, and is prepared, when the call comes, to sacrifice much for the sake of the common good. Will they make it West? Read this exciting book to find out.