Catholic Lingo Bingo eBook (PDF)

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No shipping for Downloadable Content.  All downloadable content is Non-returnable.  Catholic Lingo Bingo Kit eBook (PDF Download) Just like your standard Bingo game BUT with Catholic symbols to call out and learn. In this new kit you get 7 black-line masters of “Bingo” Cards each with a distinct grouping of nine distinct Vessels, Vestments and Sacramentals. Each player can color their own bingo card. Then a master set with ALL the symbols in mini version is also colored in and cut up to use as your “call” items, that each player then marks on their own BINGO card. The symbols used for these masters are found in the Reverence and Awe card set, (which we also sell separately), which could also be used to announce each symbol. As an added bonus, you could use the black-line masters set to make copies of the BINGO cards for your children but this time color them in, cut them out, sort them, find two of each symbol and now you have a Catholic Memory game.