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Our eBook price $11.00 - 27% off (paperback retail $15.00). No additional charges. Downloadable content is non-returnable. Creator and Creation discusses  the intersection of science and religion, primarily on the topic of creation but also on the related topic of evolution. It has four parts: A presentation of Catholic doctrine on the topic of creation, A discussion of the Biblical concepts, with a comparison of the Protestant and Catholic positions. There is also a special section on Noah's Flood A list of scientific issues that bear on the topic of creation, especially those raised by young-earth creationists but also some raised in secular presentations. Each is outlined and a response is offered. There is also a special section on evolution. A philosophical reflection completes the discussion. The intent is to offer a unified view of the topic. Most often, we find either a religious view that takes no account of science, or a presumably sci entific view that takes no account of theology or even philosophy. The philosophical view is important as a bridge between the religious view, which, being based on revelation, is not always helpful in secular discussions. The book does have an Imprimatur from the Doicese of Sioux Falls South Dakota. This means that the opinions expressed are harmonious with Catholic teaching. They are, of course, the opinions of the author, and the intent is to invite the formation of a unified cosmology, rather than one with big cracks between various disciplines.