DK Handbooks: Stars and Planets

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Authoritative text, hundreds of crystal-clear charts and photographs, and a simple, jargon-free approach make the Eyewitness Handbook of Stars and Planets the most accessible and comprehensive guide to observing the night sky, suitable both for beginners and more experienced astronomers.

Identification made easy Prepared in association with the Royal Greenwich Observatory, the superbly clear star charts can be used almost anywhere in the world to locate and identify constellations, individual stars, and deep-sky objects. Interesting and prominent features of the night sky are examined in a monthly guide, which is complemented by fascinating accounts of all 88 constellations and the objects they contain, including notable stars, star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies.

In-depth visual approach Each of the planets in the Solar System is illustrated and described in detail, while the often complex process of locating planets in the night sky is made as simple as possible with unique charts and diagrams. For those new to astronomy, a highly visual introduction explains many of the basic concepts and offers expert advice on the best methods and equipment for observation. A concise glossary explains any scientific and technical terms used.

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224 pages