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Our Ebook price  $4.95  --59% Off (Paperback Retail price $11.95)! There is no shipping charge for downloadable content Hittite Warrior eBook (EPUB)       By Joanne Williamson Judea has always been the crossroads and battlefield of contending nations. When Uriah Tarhund's Hittite home is destroyed by invading Greeks, his dying father tells him to go south and seek a Canaanite named Sisera. Uriah is plunged into the tumult of an uneasy Judea. When he saves a young boy from being sacrificed to Moloch, he is given succor for a time by the Hebrews. Later he finds Sisera and joins him in war against these same people. When the Canaanites are defeated, the young Hittite has the opportunity to come to a peace with himself, the Hebrew people and their God. Ages 10+, 238 pp. "This book is marvelous!....I can't think of enough good to say about it." - Dr. Ruth Beechick, author of You CAN Teach Your Child Successfully File Type: EPUB  *Change any format to fit your reader.  Download Calibre for Free.  *You may need Adobe Digital Editions to read EPUB files on your PC.