Student Writing Intensive Level B Student Materials

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The Student Writing Intensive (SWI) course from Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) provides the handouts and materials needed to teach middle school students to learn how to write paragraphs, stories, reports and more. Designed to accompany the (sold-separately) SWI DVDs, this notebook provides the instructions and checklists needed for the DVD course. Each lesson begins with a page of teacher's notes that includes a chart with what is to be watched on the DVD (not-included), viewing time, student lesson handouts, and ideas for reinforcement exercises. The suggested course schedule covers 30 weeks. A scope and sequence is provided as well.

This Student Writing Intensive Student Materials Level B kit includes:

  • One Three-Ring Binder with Dividers
  • One envelope with instructions and handouts

    Please note: This contains the notebook only; the box containing four student DVDs plus one Structure and Style overview DVD is NOT included with this item.

  • Good condition
  • Grades 6-8