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Our Ebook price  $8.95 — 25% Off (Paperback Retail price $11.95)!  No additional charges. Downloadable content is non-returnable.  Ignatius Critical Edition: Moby Dick eBook By Herman Melville .epub, High School+ A sea adventure, a study of evil, and a cast of fascinating characters, including the crazed captain who is obsessed with hunting down the whale that maimed him - Moby Dick is all of this and more. Based on the author's experiences as a sailor, Herman Melville's probing look into the human heart has been read and analyzed from every angle, including the most absurd. The tragic tale is looked at afresh in this Ignatius Critical Edition, which examines the background and other writings of the author and provides his essay on a work by his literary friend Nathaniel Hawthorne. Contributors to this Volume: Robert Alexander Mitchell Kalpakgian Joseph Pearce Mary R. Reichardt Stephen Zelnick