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Our Ebook price  $4.50 — 24% Off (Paperback Retail price $5.95)!  No additional charges. Downloadable content is non-returnable.    Ignatius Critical Edition: Romeo & Juliet eBook By William Shakespeare .epub, High School+ "Star-crossed" Romeo and Juliet are Shakespeare's most famous lovers. A staple of high school reading lists, the tragedy especially resonates with young adult readers who, like Romeo and Juliet, have experienced the exhilarating and perilous phenomenon of being "in love". Given the tragic ending of the play, what does Shakespeare illustrate about his teen protagonists: Are they the hapless victims of fate, or are they responsible for the poor choices they make? Is their love the "real thing", or is it self-indulgent passion run amok? These are some of the ever relevant questions discussed in this critical edition of Romeo and Juliet.