Introduction to Latin

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Revised First Edition: Study Guide and Reader 

by Ed DeHoratius

Specifically designed to accompany Shelmerdine's Introduction to Latin, this text provides help to the student in learning Latin, and providing numerous additional readings and grammatical explanations.

The Study Guide and Reader to Shelmerdine?s Introduction to Latin provides a review of the material in the text. It includes brief summaries of terms and concepts in the primary text, along with a list of new terms and review terminology, review questions highlighting key grammar sections of the book, additional grammatical information (along with exercises) and readings with exercises from Latin authors that provide interesting literary, cultural and historical contexts. The text is an invaluable aid that provides additional study for those who need it, alternative explanations to those in the text, additional topics where instructors might wish to add them, readings to provide real world exercise to students in processing Latin, as well as additional exercises for those students who wish to go further in Latin.

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