Lighted Lanterns: A Catholic Language Arts Program Pre-Level - Cursive Edition eBook

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There is no shipping charge for downloadable content. Lighted Lanterns: A Catholic Language Arts Program - Pre-Level - Cursive Edition eBook By Holly Zonneveld This one-of-a-kind program is very gentle, very Catholic and able to be tailored to your own child's needs. Being very busy homeschool moms, we wanted the best of all worlds: Catholic, integrated, little to no preparation, able to be tailored, all in a convenient, tidy, and very attractive workbook. We thought perhaps others might like something that fit that bill as well. Since this is an integrated approach, they naturally cover spelling, gentle grammar, vocabulary, penmanship, oral narrations, creative writing, picture studies, and more. Lighted Lanterns Pre-Level is a stepping stone to the process of copywork, dictation, and narration.   With this level, we assume the student has some familiarity with beginning reading and writing. This is not intended to be a course to learn how to form letters (*although it could be used that way*) but a review and expansion of letters learned. *The creators of the Lighted Lanterns program encourage you to tailor your curriculum to fit you and your students as much as you need to for maximum benefit!   Short writing assignments, poems, rhymes, riddles, jokes, short stories and lines for narrations round out the program and help prepare the student for Lighted Lanterns Level A. Pre-Level consists of 26 lessons, one lesson for each letter of the alphabet, and extra writing practice pages in the back of the book. Each lesson contains: letter writing practice, lower case and capital short sentence fragment for copywork practice   fill in the blank words   short writing assignment   alphabet rhyme   saint story   fun play with words (jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, etc.)   narration lines   extra activity (drawing pictures, coloring pages, picture study, etc)  __________