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Lighted Lanterns: A Catholic Language Arts Program Level B - Cursive Edition (Download) by Holly Zonnefeld  Welcome to Lighted Lanterns Level B! Lighted Lanterns Level B moves a step up from level A in difficulty. Level B is geared towards about a grade 3 level, but being a versatile, integrated approach, it can span numerous grade levels (as can Level A), by simply adapting the work to fit your child(ren). Level B has 9 Units consisting of 4 lessons each, and follows the same pattern as Level A. — Read what one homeschool facilitator has to say about the Lighted Lanterns L.A. program: "Lighted Lanterns: A Catholic Language Arts Program is a child centered, multisensory approach using a variety of beautiful visuals, teaching strategies and engaging exercises. A well laid out and comprehensive program, it does not require hours of preparation, but lends itself easily to extensions of lessons and further self directed or family experiences. All contained in one beautifully bound book - very portable! The rich Catholic content includes stories, poems, scripture, biographies of the saints and interesting facts. Using the Natural Method of learning as a model, Lighted Lanterns is adaptable to a range of grades and ages, with modifications made appropriate to the level of the child. I certainly wish I could have used this resource when my children were young; what a wonderful way to grow and share our family faith..... " Bernadette Palamarek Teacher/Consultant - 18 years experience facilitating home educating families Centre for Learning @ Home Christ the Redeemer S.D. #3 — Concepts covered in Level B Writing Purposes Descriptions Explanations News stories Directions Poems Stories Plays Letters - business Research Reports   Punctuation Periods after statements, abbreviations, initials, commands and requests. Question marks Comma after introductory phrases, showing pauses Comma between city and state Comma in dates Comma after greeting and closing of a letter Comma - in a series Comma before end of quotation marks Comma to separate name of person addressed from rest of sentence Commas in divided quotations Hyphen – connect compound words; divide at syllables Dash – is longer than a hyphen; reason for use Semicolons separate clauses Apostrophe - show missing letters Apostrophe - show possession Quotation marks Exclamation marks   Capitalization I Words that have to do with God Sentence beginnings Greetings and closings in Letters Proper nouns Most beginning lines of poems Main words of titles in books, poems, stories, and reports   Grammar Complete Subject/Complete Predicate Nouns Verbs Pronouns Adjectives Adverbs Coordinating Conjunctions Articles    Usage Use a before a consonant and an before a vowel Use correctly various irregular and helping verbs Name self last (he and I/him and me: not me and him.) Plurals – s/es/ies Root Words   Spelling rules I before e except after c ea blend short ea blend long Silent gh ph as /f/ Vowel/consonant/silent e pattern ck blend Silent k words   Vocabulary Antonyms Synonyms Compound words Homophones   Study Skills Use a dictionary, finding words and their meanings, using guide words for greater speed. Learn to use indexes & tables of contents 3-4 words in ABC order by first and second letters   Extra Poetry Patterns Alliteration Onomatopoeia Acrostics Quatrains