Making Music, Praying Twice: Summer Parent Manual Supplement - PDF

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Making Music Praying Twice: Summer Parent Manual Supplement Click here for the accompanying .mp3 album "Songs for God's Children" .pdf, 58 pages, Pre-school, Family We are so happy to present this BRAND NEW summer program from the Catholic homeschooling family that produces Making Music Praying Twice. This Parent Manual Supplement (pdf) contains all of the sheet music with chords for guitar or piano, words to the songs as well as daily or weekly lesson plans, for either a home setting or co-op.  You could use it to form a summer VBS program too!  Each song has instructions of how to use the song formally and informally, with milestones to observe in the children as you work through presenting each song (and references to the Parent Manual if you already own the full program). There is also a Summer Mp3 Album. It is chock full of 22 songs that not only help to form an ear for music but provide essential language development too!  It is just so sweet and delightful that you may choose to simply enjoy it as a fun album of summer music to sing or dance along to.  Each song was selected with a purpose in mind, providing for a mix of musical elements such as tonality, vocables, meter and rhythm. Thealbum includes a combination of simple “nursery” music along with more sophisticated songs. Even the youngest infants will begin to understand the sacredness in prayerful music and benefit when parents sing prayers together with them.  Your older ones will begin to understand the great theological themes of the songs in the collection: Jesus loves me and takes care of me. Worldly things aren’t what matter most. Through God we can do more than on our own. The power of music creates a deep connection to prayer life and plants some of the strongest early seeds of faith in a child’s heart. If you are curious about this amazing program Making Music Praying Twice, this new summer album is a great way to sample the method and its benefits!