Math Detective A1: Higher-order Thinking-reading-writing in Mathematics

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The problems in this book will improve your students' skills in mathematics, critical thinking, reading, and writing. The topics and skills covered are drawn from the national standards for mathematics for grades 5-6 as outlined by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The problems are short, easy to use, and fun for students. Problem solutions involve critical thinking and careful reading of text, charts, graphs, and tables. Students are required to explain their thinking in writing. Students are frequently asked to support their answers with evidence. The evidence cannot be uncovered by scanning the text, but instead requires in-depth analysis of the information in the text, diagram, or both. This analysis develops good reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. The questions in Math Detective are modeled after questions found on new math assessments, but require more critical thinking. These problems are excellent preparation for assessments that require to explain and support their answers. Also included are a chart of key ideas and topics, as well as all answers and solutions.

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