Making Music, Praying Twice: Songs for God's Children - Fall Collection - (MP3 Audio)

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Promote Your Child's Talent with Our Fall CD Encourage your child's brain growth musically with our fun and faithful program designed to increase music aptitude. Build your child's future music reading skills with our beautifully illustrated, color Songbook Develop your child's brain musically with a carefully balanced curriculum developed by music educators. Fun and faithful kids music appropriate for babies, toddlers, and children up to age 8.  Adults enjoy it too! INCLUDES THE SONGS:  Good Day • Kiowa Hymn • Harvesting • The Blacksmith • Looby Loo • Sissy in the Barn • Humpty Dumpty • Hamaba • New Shoes for Mozart • Fall • Sing and Play • Battle Hymn of the Republic • A Sure Test • Magnificat • Love •Clementine • Kum Bah Yah • Holy God We Praise Thy Name • This Little • Piggy • Moroccan Melody • My Bonnie • Our Father • God Bless You