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Our eBook price $7.67 - 47% off (paperback retail $10.95). No additional charges. Downloadable content is non-returnable.   More Catholic Tales for Boys & Girls eBook by Caryll Houselander .epub, Ages 6-8, 160 pages Here are 12 MORE tales for Catholic children. Tales that are simple but not shallow. Each story touches on a Catholic theme, but they are not really catechetical. Yes, they do take for granted that Catholicism plays a large role in these children's lives, especially in prayer and the mass, but they do something more, and more important. Tale after tale introduces children to the love Jesus has for them and the fire of love for him that can burn in the heart of Catholics, even little ones like themselves. Here are tales of princes and gypsies, bishops and bears -- tales of Catholic boys and girls to remind us that especially in young souls the Faith is quite strong, and evil is never a match for goodness. Soviet cows, Marian icons, pet mice, Easter roosters, Noah and the ark, fish, donkeys, and even a dinosaur: they're all here in a dozen charming tales of children living their Faith while having great Catholic fun.