MOZART, W.A.: Bassoon Concerto / Oboe Concerto / Clarinet Concerto

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C major Oboe Concerto in Salzburg in the spring or summer of 1777, before his autumn departure for Augsburg, designing it for the oboist Ferlendis, who had joined the Archbishop's musical establishment in April that year. In Mannheim, which he reached on 30th October, Mozart met the oboist Friedrich Ramm, a member of the famous court orchestra, and made him a present of the concerto. Ramm, as Mozart told his father, was delighted, and by February was performing it for the fifth time, now, in Mozart's words, his cheval de bataille Pressed for time in his subsequent commission for the amateur flautist De Jean, he arranged the oboe concerto for flute Mozart mentions the oboe concerto once more in a letter to his father written on 15th February 1783 from Vienna. Here he asks for the notebook containing the Ferlendis concerto, since he has been offered three ducats for it by the oboist of Haydn’s orchestra at Esterháza, and twice that sum for a new concerto.

Oboe Concerto is scored for two oboes, two horns and strings and has ail the clarity of texture that we should expect Alter the orchestral exposition the soloist enters with a brief scale. leading to a sustained high note and the first solo theme.

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