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Our Ebook price  $4.95  --65% Off (Paperback Retail price $13.95)!  There is no shipping charge for downloadable content. Pegeen eBook (EPUB) by Hilda Van Stockum Just when you thought the O'Sullivan household was as lively as it could get--Pegeen Murphy comes to stay after her Grannie dies. Pegeen stays with Francie's family while Father Kelly tries to locate her American uncle. With Michael away at school, Mother O'Sullivan couldn't be happier having another child around, but she soon finds out Pegeen is not a very quiet addition. Poor Pegeen, no matter what she does, it always comes out wrong, but it's never her fault! Whether it's the little people trying to steal Mother's kettle or the giant who caused Brigid's doll to be ruined, Pegeen is always at the center of trouble. The young orphan manages to upset everyone in the O'Sullivan family and each time, she concocts another tale to place the blame anywhere but on her! As the weeks go by, however, Pegeen slowly becomes a part of the family and then a letter arrives from New York. Will Pegeen have to leave her new family or will Uncle Dan let her stay in Ireland? 266 pages, Ages 10+   File Type: EPUB  *Change any format to fit your reader.  Download Calibre for Free.  *You may need Adobe Digital Editions to read EPUB files on your PC.