Planner for Catholic Moms & Teachers - PDF

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A planner for Catholic moms, homeschoolers, and teachers!  EVERYTHING in one place!! This planner contains plenty of tools to help you keep first things first and your busy life peaceful. This planner contains: *A two-page month view which include not only the Saints and secular holidays, but also a box that has the Holy Father's intentions for the month, the traditional Church dedication for the month, a virtue for the month, space to write birthdays, take notes, and set goals, PLUS, a Bible verse for the month!  *plenty of planner pages including pages to plan for Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. *Following each months two page spread, is a two page spread for each week.  A Bible verse is included, plus, a "Don't Forget", "Goals for the Week," and "Week To Do's." Each day has space to write appointments by morning, afternoon, and evening and space to write down "Notes" and plan "Dinner" The planner also includes: *A page to make planning notes for the month. *A page to write down special memories—the things you think you’ll never forget but do when you don’t write it down. *Contact pages to organize and note parish, Priests, doctors, school, coaches, and other important contact information, plus family and friend contact pages. *Birthday pages *Books, movie, and project wish list pages * Passwords record *Home measurements and project pages *Family measurements, sizes, and clothing needs pages *”Our Domestic Church” pages—space to write down the activities and tradition your family or class wishes to celebrate along with the Church. *Personal Formation pages. This includes a planning aid and sheet to make note of your own spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social goals. (includes both a colored or black and white version) *Child Formation pages. This includes a planning aid plus several colored options (if you like to color code the children in the family or want to give them an option to choose what they like) or just a printer friendly black and white version.  *Christmas gift buying page, plus a purse size option to print and take with you shopping. *Chore charts in both black and white or fun colors. School Teacher Specific Pages Include: *student information sheets, important contact information, meeting notes, transportation record, and birthdays Home School Specific Pages include: *curriculum planning, progress tracking, lesson planning sheets, and 12 different assignment sheet templates that are fun for kids! Many pages are available in both full color or black and white to allow you to choose ink friendly versions. This is how I put my planner together.  I chose the cover I liked best, and then printed out all the pages I needed, printed the cover on cardstock, and took it to my local office supply store to be coil bound. I also added tabs to the months.  Alternatively, the pages could be put in a binder.