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Ebook price  $9.49  -- 50% Off (Paperback Retail price $18.95)!  There is no shipping charge for eBooks. Downloadable content is non-returnable Primary Language Lessons (eBook) by Emma Serl Edited and revised by Margot Davidson Download FREE Answer Key (courtesy of The NEW Color VERSION of Emma Serl's classic book contains many COLOR paintings for picture studies and several lessons are even Catholic !!! For example, the painting of St. Joan of Arc by Ingres is stunningly reproduced and is placed alongside the poem The Good Joan by L. W. Reese, which was inspired by the soldiers in World War I who felt certain the saint was urging them to protect their homeland. For those using the MODG third grade syllabus, rest assured that ALL the lessons assigned are intact and complete in this new version. Nevertheless, you may want to use some of the lessons with color paintings or Catholic themes in place of similar ones in the syllabus. You may this book as a complete third grade course or as a two year course for second and third grade. There are a total of 164 lessons that represent a balance between oral and written work. Emma Serl understands this stage of learning very well; exercises are perfectly suited to the skills of observation and memorization.  Great literature, fables, folklore and maxims are used for exercises in gentle grammar, usage, composition, punctuation, memorization, oral conversation, letter writing, studied dictations, reading and etiquette in writing. They will especially inspire conversation between student and teacher that will give the child all the necessary practice to master proper grammar at this primary level. (156 pages, Beautiful color artwork) (3rd Grade) Sample 1 Sample 2   top