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Printable Phonics Worksheets by PrintNPractice These printable Phonics worksheets offer practice words for the 26 alphabetical letters and the different phonograms or blends with space to copy the words three times each. We also include our Phonics flash cards. Print and reprint as often as your students need practice worksheets.   Contains 197 pages of printable Phonics Worksheets. Interactive Printable PDFs Kids can type to practice, write their answers, and solve problems directly on our printable worksheets. This way the children do not need to be online to finish their assignments. Teachers, tutors, parents, and students are able to print the completed worksheets or file them in their students' files. Save or print. Or both. No special tools are necessary. Choose your favorite fonts, colors, or SIZES. Kindergarten Phonics Worksheets Teaching phonics is so much easier with our printable phonics flash cards and phonics worksheets. Our phonics flash cards and worksheets show the top, mid, and base lines so that children who are learning phonics and handwriting know where the letters sit on the lines. Find: Alphabet worksheets. Phonics worksheets with words to copy while the students say the sounds they write repeating three times. Flash cards with blue lines ruling the top, mid, and base lines.