Questions for the Thinker: Old World Europe - Teacher's Guide

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Old World Europe, Questions for the Thinker TM written by Fran Rutherford revolves around many of the well-known classics from the Middle Ages but not exclusively. Old World Europe focuses on several Medieval era texts, including The Divine Comedy, Beowulf, The Rule of St. Benedict, The Prince, The Song of Roland, Don Quixote and others. Before each text or selection, the author presents a brief introduction of the author as well as a synopsis of the work in question. This is very helpful for parents since few of us have read all of the material beforehand. (Answers for the questions are in the Teacher's Guide.)

Most of the questions are brief and objective. These are very helpful to review and retain the material read. A few questions come under the heading "Questions for further thought" and these are questions that lead the students to take that leap between what they have read and the bigger questions in life. I nodded several times agreeing with the author on how she is guiding the students thoughts and conclusions. These further questions are worth the price of this program as this type of thought-connection is what is missing in so many literature programs. (Review by Ana Braga-Henebry)

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