Red Falcons of Tremoine eBook

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$4.95 --65% Off (Paperback Retail price $13.95)! There is no shipping charge for downloads. Red Falcons of Tremoine eBook (EPUB) by Hendry Peart Set in 12th century Medieval England in the days of Richard the Lionhearted and the Crusades this exciting story will immerse you in Medieval life. Told through the eyes of the orphan boy Leo who at 15 finally hears what he has been longing to know, his families lineage. Entrusted to andtherefore raised by the kindly Abbot who has protected and raised the boy since he was a baby Leo learns the way of life in a monastery until his mother's and father's families fight to claim him as their heirs. In a feuding family history played out with Leo at the center Leo must rise tfrom childhood to become a virtuous young man, and mend the wounds of the past. (239 pp, ages 12+) File Type: EPUB  *Change any format to fit your reader.  Download Calibre for Free.  *You may need Adobe Digital Editions to read EPUB files on your PC.