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Sample Pages below Rosary Reflections for Kids eBook (.pdf) $4.95 is 50% off the retail paperback price! Is rosary time a challenge for your little ones? Do you want your children to learn the art of meditative prayer? “In his Apostolic Letter On the Most Holy Rosary, John Paul II called for a new creativity in helping families pray the rosary together. Rosary Reflections has responded with a simple, yet excellent tool for helping even small children contemplate the mysteries of the rosary.”  -Christopher West. This was such a blessing for our family... a gift to our young ones to begin to join our family rosary. Drawing helps them in a unique way to focus on the spiritual. Includes – How to Pray the Rosary, Prayers used in the Rosary, scripture passages and a reprintable 8 ½” x 11” Rosary Reflections page. This new ebook can easily be used on your computer to print off as many copies as your would like (for your families’ use only).    Sample Pages   Example of Rosary sheet for children to draw and color A note about Rosary Reflections