Sacrament of Baptism Faith Folder Lapbook eBook

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There is no additional shipping charge for this item, since it is accessible online! You will receive an email with instructions when your E-Book is available for download. The Sacrament of Baptism Faith Folder Lapbook/eBook This Faith Folder covers the Sacrament of Baptism as the door to all the other sacraments, the birth into the Life of Christ. In addition to sacramental information the Sacrament of Baptism Faith Folder provides the opportunity to reflect on the Baptismal Call and how you choose to respond to that call. A special Memory Book to record information about the child's baptism is also a special part of this Faith Folder. Contains:     Decorative Front and Back Covers     "Baptismal Vocabulary" File Folder Shape Book     "Baptism Prayers" Pocket and Cards Set     "Sacramental Grace" Open the Doors Book     "Sacraments of Initiation" Pentagon Book     "Baptismal Call" Square Book     "Symbols of Baptism" Pick-a-Tab Book     "Rite of Baptism" Multiple Flaps Book     "The Necessity of Baptism" Arch Book     "Responsibility of Parents and Godparents" Open-Up Book Set     "Baptism in an Emergency" Triangle Book     "Unbaptized Infants" Heart Shaped Book     "The Baptism of Jesus" Opened Book     "Baptism in the Scriptures" Graduated Pages Book     "Baptismal Promises" Scroll     "Responding to My Baptismal Call" Clipboard Shaped Book     "Catechism Questions" Flashcards & Pocket Set     "My Baptismal" Memory Book     Assembly Instructions     Sample Pictures