Sacrament of Holy Eucharist Faith Folder Lapbook eBook

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There is no additional shipping charge for this item, since it is accessible on-line! You will receive an email with instructions when your eBook is available for download. The Sacrament of Holy Eucharist Faith Folder Lapbook/eBook This Faith Folder is the second in the series of individual sacrament Faith Folders. The Sacrament of Holy Eucharist Faith Folder focuses on the Real Presence of this most blessed of the sacraments. This Faith Folder contains 18 mini-books that address preparing to receive Jeus, sacred vessels and much more. A special First Communion Memory Book is included as well.In addition to explanations, prayers and helps for receiving this Sacrament, there are worksheet activities that can be used to help review many terms related to the Sacrament. This Faith Folder includes a pocket pouch on the back cover for storing such items. Whether your child is preparing for First Holy Communion or has received the sacrament many times, this Faith Folder is an excellent tool for digging deeper into the meaning of this beautiful channel of grace.  PDF downloadable file, 197 pages.  Easily adapted and personalized for creative style and age level.  Contains: Decorative Front and Back Covers "Communion Vocabulary" File Folder Shape Book "Communion Prayers" Pocket & Cards Set "Sacramental Grace" Open the Doors Book "The Holy Mass" Pick-a-Tab Book "The Words of Consecration" Pentagon Book "Preparing to Receive Jesus" Multiple Flaps Book "Blessed Imelda Lambertini" Unfolding Rectangle Book "Sacred Vessels" Triple-Decker Book "Holy Days of Obligation" Graduated Pages Book "Scripture Stories" Open-Up Book Set "Eucharistic Phrases" Heart Shape Book "Eucharist Questions" Q&A Set "Benediction and Adoration" Square Fold-Up Book "My First Communion" Memory Book Worksheets Pocket Pouch on Back Cover for Storage Assembly Instructions Sample Pictures