Shakespeare And The Elizabethan Age (Treasure Chests)

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The world of Shakespeare has never been more accessible or engrossing! This highly innovative kit takes children ages 8 to 13 on a vivid interactive journey back to the Elizabethan era. Along with the full-color fact-filled book inside is everything you need to build a detailed replica of the Globe Theater and print posters and handbills with the authentic letter press-complete with printing frame, moveable type, and ink roller! A secret drawer opens to reveal games, maps, and the plots of the Bard's most famous plays. A Shakespearean world of endless intrigue, humor, tragedy, and adventure awaits!

  • PB, 32 pp
  • model of Globe Theater to make
  • map of London; a guide to his plays
  • replica printing press
  • Good Condition; need to replace ink