Spiritual Bouquet of Prayer Petal Flowers eBook (PDF)

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Spiritual Bouquet of Prayer Petal Flowers eBook (PDF Download) Teach and motivate children to pray the Rosary by creating a Spiritual Bouquet of Flowers. With this kit you can make 2 distinct types of Spiritual Bouquets, with matching gift cards! Each part of the flower, the stem, the leaves, the petals, and the flower's center are made to form a Rosary prayer (the individual prayers are printed on each piece of the flower). The stems show the Mysteries. Have the pieces cut out, and then the children can paste them together as the prayers are said. Offer as many decades as you want. You get reproducible masters with all flower parts; a master with motifs and suggestions for a Rosary Bouquet gift card; a master with instructions and art for a Divine Mercy Bouquet and gift card; included are several Rosary Flower Piece Pages printed on color paper for immediate use. A complete Flower dimension is 10" x 8". Great activity for every family or even a Little Flowers group !!!  1 color cover, 12 black and white templates including: PDF Print Instructions Include:  Rosary Flower Template, Spiritual Bouquet Clipart and Mysteries of the Rosary Bookmark Instructions for a Rosary Garland Templates of Rosary Flower parts and Mysteries of the Rosary Bookmark 5 Decade Rosary Coloring Page, Divine Mercy Template and Spiritual Bouquet Clipart, 5 Decade Divine Mercy Coloring Page plus License to photocopy for single household or single class term use, all contained in a clear plastic 11"x 9" envelope. Example of a completed flower Here is a Rosary Garland you can make too!