St. Patrick's Summer: A Children's Adventure Catechism ebook

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St. Patrick's Summer: A Children's Adventure Catechism eBook By Marigold Hunt .epub, 176 pages, B&W illustrations, grades 3+ Michael and Cecilia are typical youngsters who love to picnic and walk in the woods. Little did they know that during one of their jaunts, they would meet St. Patrick who has come to teach them about Catholicism! Through St. Patrick and other heavenly visitors, Michael and Cecilia learn more about their faith than they ever dreamed. They also travel back in time to witness critical moments in our Church's history. The children visit ancient Ireland where the Druids hunted St. Patrick and his followers, they watched Moses part the Red Sea, explored the Roman catacombs and even witnessed forbidden Mass in Elizabethan England! St. Patrick's Summer dissects some of the most challenging and difficult precepts of the Catholic Church in such a way that children begin to understand the wonders of God. St. Patrick cleverly uses common, everyday situations to clarify these mysteries.