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Our Ebook price $4.95 — 62% Off (Paperback Retail price $12.95)!  No additional charges. Non-returnable. Sun Slower, Sun Faster eBook by Meriol Trevor .epub, 268 pages, Ages 10+ This fun-filled adventure story is packed with lessons rich in the history of our Church and England! It is soon after World War II, and English children Cecilia, Ricki, and their tutor Dominic are thrown into a wild ride on Britain's timeline. Each time they go through secret doors, they find themselves going back further in time to experience crucial chapters of Catholic and British history. Rickie and Cecil discover many treasures through their countless escapades including a chalice used in the 16th century from a "priest hole"! At times, the children find themselves stuck in the middle of riotous mobs, rescuing innocent prisoners from unmerciful torture, and even secretly hearing the forbidden Catholic mass in Elizabethan times. While the children explore the past, they realize who they are now and who they will choose to be in the future. Sun Slower, Sun Faster is an excellent story of the Church's longevity and the unending faith of its members in addition to an inspiring conversion!  *Recommended reading in Laura Berquist's high school Medieval History curriculum.