The Confessions by St. Augustine: Questions for the Thinker Study Guide E-Book (PDF)

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There is no shipping charge for downloadable content. The Confessions by St. Augustine: Questions for the Thinker Study Guide eBook by Fran Rutherford PDF, High School Does the idea of reading the confessions of another person shock you? That would depend on what you mean by “confessions.”  Let this Study Guide help you understand this confession of St. Augustine. This classical work is St. Augustine’s statement of faith. He confesses his sins, but more importantly, he shows how by God’s grace he left sin behind to become a Doctor of the Church and one of its most famous saints. This Study Guide uses the Socratic method of a question and answer format to guide the high school student through the first 10 books of this very long work. Truly this is an answer to a prayer. Ordinarily I eschew study guides for they tend to limit discussion and understanding by providing ready answers! However, this series is very DIFFERENT simply because of the wonderful idea of just listing questions. The questions too are different in that they are thought provoking and lead the student to a deeper understanding of these difficult readings covered in these guides. The readings are ones they will encounter for the first time in high school, if they use a classical curriculum and then later explore at an even deeper level at college, so that this ultimately provides the student with their very own wonderful resource to take with them to college. The written answers also provide the necessary material needed to develop essays and papers on the books as well as guiding a student in the process of HOW to ask questions as they read, an important aspect of true understanding! Vocabulary development, research topics and frequent Questions for Further Thought are some of the hallmarks of Fran Rutherford's Questions for the Thinker Series, and are included throughout. The Study Guide is divided into two sections.  The first half provides all the questions, the second half the complete answer key for mom. (High School 9-12) (This Study Guide is part of the complete Ancient Rome: Questions for the Thinker, available in print form by clicking here.) File type: PDF   *Change any format to fit your reader - Download Calibre for Free.  You may need Adobe Digital Editions to read .epub files on your PC.