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Ebook price  $4.95  --69% Off (Paperback Retail price $15.95)!  There is no shipping charge for downloadable content EPUB: For use on PC, tablet, mobile device (*more info) Also available in Paperback click here   The Mystery of the Periodic Table (eBook) by Benjamin D. Wiker "When we look at these nice, neat, and straight rows of elements on the Periodic Table of the Elements we might think that it was a nice, neat, and straight road to their discovery. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was a long and difficult journey much like the perilous wanderings of Odysseus in Homer's great epic tale, The Odyssey. Of course the wanderings made it an adventure, and an adventure is always an exciting thing to retell." [from the book] Author Benjamin Wiker leads the reader on a delightful and absorbing journey through the ages, on the trail of the elements of the Periodic Table as we know them today. He introduces the young reader to people like Von Helmont, Boyle, Stahl, Priestly, Cavendish, Lavoisier, and many others, all incredibly diverse in personality and approach, who have laid the groundwork for a search that is still unfolding to this day. The first part of Wiker's witty and solidly instructive presentation is most suitable to middle school age, while the later chapters are designed for ages 12-13 and up, with a final chapter somewhat more advanced. The illustrator has illustrated and wriiten the books Archimedes and the Door of Science and Galen and the Gateway to Medicine. *Change any format to fit your reader.  Download Calibre for Free. *You may need Adobe Digital Editions to read EPUB files on your PC.