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Our Ebook price $4.95 — 67% Off (Paperback Retail price $14.95)! No additional charges. Non-returnable. The Winged Watchman eBook by Hilda Van Stockum .epub, 191 pages, Gr 5+ It is the middle of World War II and young Joris Verhagen can not remember a time when there was no food rations or fighting. Very much against the German occupation of Holland, the young boy dreams of helping someone, especially a soldier, to escape Hitler. His chance seems to come when he discovers a British airman hiding in the old, abandoned windmill. Joris finds it difficult to keep such a big secret all to himself and he is afraid of what his neighbor, Leendert (a landwatcher for the Nazis), might do if the young hero and his airman are found out. Will Joris help Charles King make it safely over enemy lines or will they both be caught and taken to Hitler's army? This acclaimed story of World War II is rich in suspense! This amazing book is ideal for your World War II unit and will be especially loved by all young boys who dream of becoming heroes by staying true to their faith and beliefs!