Twelve Apostles Faith Folder Lapbook eBook

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There is no additional shipping charge for this item, since it is accessible online! You will receive an email with instructions when your E-Book is available for download.   The Twelve Apostles Faith Folder  Lapbook/eBook This Faith Folder features the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the early Church. Highlights from the Acts of the Apostles is also included. This Faith Folder also includes information about Matthias, the one chosen to replace Judas and St. Paul is is known as the 13th Apostle. Reflection on how one can follow Christ is also included. All of the components can be easily adapted toward a variety of ages and learning levels and a variety of options are offered for each component. Contains: Decorative Front and Back Covers "The Apostles' Creed" Rectangle Book "Apostolic Scriptures" Cards & Pocket Set "The Twelve Apostles" Open-Up Book Set "Matthias a New Apostle" Pentagon Book "St. Paul the 13th Apostle" Pentagon Book "In the Lives of the Apostles" Multiple Flaps Book Set "Apostolic Tradition" Open the Doors Book "The Acts of the Apostles" Graduated Pages Book "Apostolic Writers" Square Fold Out Book "Come, Follow Me..." Foostep Shaped Book Assembly Instructions Sample Pictures