Writing Can Help -Book 10: European Handwriting Style eBook-NEW updated version

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No additional shipping charges. Downloadable content is non-returnable. NEW updated version! (November 2014) Writing Can Help Book 10: European Handwriting Style eBook .pdf, 31 pages, Grades 8+ This unique course trains the mind and hand to various disciplines.  It contains two styles; first, the Simple (Austrian) Alphabet, great for notetaking, and second, the Traditional (French) Alphabet made with pressure changes, great for cards and documents etc. Practice uses the Scriptures in Latin and English, French, Spanish, or the Mother tongue if it is different from these. One looks up the Mother tongue translation in a family Bible or on Internet.  The Appendix has the greetings for the year in the above living languages and again the mother tongue is looked up. Self test pages are included throughout. Writing Can Help Series Downloads - Learn Handwriting while nourishing the soul with Scripture from the Douay-Rheims Bible! Progresses from beginning manuscript to college rule cursive. Simple instructions included in each workbook.