Emmanuel Books K-2 Early Science Lesson Plan

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Emmanuel Books Kindergarten to 2nd Grade Early Science Lesson Plan PDF, 9 pages (32 weeks),  

Twenty years in the making, we present to you our lesson plans. These brand new lessons plans are born from the experience we have obtained in reviewing thousands of books and consulting with hundreds of families over these past twenty years. We still homeschool our youngest two children and have successfully graduated the older four. One of our children is currently attending Christendom College and her three older brothers have graduated from Christendom College and Thomas Aquinas College. They are now gainfully employed or attending graduate school. We heartily believe in homeschooling as a viable and preferable way to educate.

Grateful for the experience to tailor each child’s curriculum to meet their individual needs we want to pass on the blessings we have gained. In an effort to help parents customize their child’s curriculum we offer individual subject lesson plans.  We often had to tweak lesson plans to move ahead in some subjects while slowing down in others. By having them laid out by subject you will find more options to pick and choose from, to find what works best matching curriculum to each child’s learning style and stage of development.    

We believe that Kindergarten is all about joy, discovery and wonder. Therefore you will find in this 32 week day-by-day lesson plan suggestions for a year to help foster a life-long love of science for your children, we begin with what is most natural to young minds, and that is the natural world that surrounds their daily life. Explore the weather, seasons, colors, insects, go on nature walks, begin a bird journal, start a garden and more. All these suggestions are outlined per week with an included booklist of stories, hands-on and resources to inspire a sense of awe and wonder in God’s beautiful world.  

More grades and subjects coming soon!....