Glory and Praise to God! 

The image of our Lady that you see here is a copy of Boticelli's Madonna del Libre.  I find it quite fitting as I love books, especially books that open the doors to a child's heart, soul and imagination! It is a comfort to have Our Lady watching over this business too...just as she watched over Our Lord while he was growing.  I am also thankful to God for the many blessings I continually receive as this little business continues to grow as does my family. 

Dear Blessed Mother, thank you!

WOW!! Time does go fast as I watch each child mature and leave the nest. I just graduated my youngest...so I guess that means I just graduated too!!!

Our oldest sons, Peter and Andrew, both homeschool graduates, have graduated from Christendom College, and are gainfully employed, working in fields they love. Peter gets married this year as we welcome beautiful Chelsea into our growing family!

Andrew is married and as pictured here we added a beautiful daughter, Maggie, to the family ! We continue to witness God's miraculous love with our new grandchildren Leah and Desmond! 

Andrew and Maggie's Wedding 2015 at Christendom's Christ the King Chapel

Our third oldest Martin graduated from Thomas Aquinas College and has finished his second degree in Biology from University of Delaware, now he works in a Genetics lab in the exciting NYC.

Anne, the oldest girl, comes next in age and graduated from Christendom, works at the world renowned Longwood Gardens and gives historical tours at Winterthur Estate too, as well as doing social media work for numerous Catholic businesses.

Julia, the next in line, is loving every minute at Christendom College as a senior and Theology major, she is bubbling over excited from her semester in Rome this past spring!! She is running a young writer's group, honing her skills and growing in her faith.

Elizabeth is now a junior at Benedictine College, works in plant production at Longwood Gardens, finished an internship with the horticulturist at Winterthur Country Estate and Gardens last summer, and is beginning her flying lessons this year! She and Stephen, are in the local Civil Air Patrol and both got to go to the Space Familiarization course at Cape Canaveral and NASA Kennedy Space center last summer. Stephen just became the squadron commander! Woo-Hoo!!

This year marks my last year to homeschool my children, as Stephen is now a graduate of the Ciskanik homeschool. A bittersweet year it has been, as I rejoice in the fine young people I have had the privilege to teach. I have savored every day with them, amazed and grateful for the gift of each one of them.

Emmanuel Books is grounded in my deepest desire to pass on the joy, experience, and love of homeschooling from these past 25 years!

The effort has been tremendous, yet the benefits innumerable. With each year's passing I have gained confidence and experience in our own ability to tailor our curriculum to each child, focusing on age appropriate materials, that encourage and let their God given passions flourish and grow.

I too have been educated in the process.

I too have grown in my faith.

Most importantly, Larry and I have grown in knowing the hearts of our children.

Enjoy your time here and more importantly enjoy your children. They truly are a gift from God.

 May God Bless you abundantly,

Lawrence and Paola, Peter and Chelsea, Andrew and Maggie (grandkids Leah and Desmond), Martin, Anne, Julia, Elizabeth & Stephen Ciskanik