First Grade Religion Lesson Plan

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First Grade Religion Lesson Plan PDF, 38 pages (32 weeks), First Grade  

Twenty-five years in the making, I present to you my lesson plans. These brand new lessons plans are born from the experience I have obtained in reviewing thousands of books and consulting with hundreds of families over these past twenty five  years. I  have successfully graduated all seven of my children from my very real and not perfect homeschool. All seven have graduated from college too! They are now contributing  their talents to the world.

We heartily believe in homeschooling as a viable and preferable way to educate.  

Grateful for the experience to tailor each child’s curriculum to meet their individual needs we want to pass on the blessings we have gained. In an effort to help parents customize their child’s curriculum we offer individual subject lesson plans.  We often had to tweak lesson plans to move ahead in some subjects while slowing down in others. By having them laid out by subject you will find more options to pick and choose from, to find what works best, matching curriculum to each child’s learning style and stage of development.

As we recommend throughout the grade school years, religious study should contain the threefold studies of Catholic Catechism, lives of the saints, and Salvation History, tailored to the child’s natural stage of understanding.

This year we will concentrate on the most important Old Testament Bible stories adapted and summarized to suit their age, written in a language faithful to the original Scripture passages. Included are helpful discussion questions to facilitate recall of each story.

We also continue our simple, yet accessible, introduction to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. There are also suggestions to begin learning new prayers and hymns to add to your child’s memory work, as well as spending time on the Ten Commandments with hands-on projects. We will begin learning about virtues as we continue reading and familiarizing your children with wonderful lives of the saints!