Fourth Grade Religion Lesson Plan

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Fourth Grade Religion Lesson Plan PDF, 37 pages (32 weeks), Grade 4—Parent

This year of religion builds on previous years but at a deeper level more suited for this age level.  As we recommend throughout the grade school years, religious study should contain the threefold studies of Catholic Catechism, lives of the saints, and Salvation History. 

These should all be tailored to the child’s natural stage of understanding. This year we will concentrate on Salvation History using The Golden Children’s Bible.   At this stage of development narrations will take on a slightly more detailed recall, so concentrate more on story line details and sequencing events. 

You will continue a simple, yet accessible, introduction to the Catechism of the Catholic Church by discussing and memorizing the questions and answers from St. Joseph's Baltimore Catechism No. 1. 

This year you will have the opportunity to begin note taking in gentle small steps with saint reports, use the Saint Scripts or the Saint Report Form included in the Appendix.

In addition I included hands-on suggestions as well as Character Education, by using the Program for Achieving Character Education (PACE) by Monica Speach.