Second Grade Religion Lesson Plan (First Holy Communion)

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Second Grade Religion Lesson Plan PDF, 23 pages (32 weeks with Extra Lessons), Grade 2—Parent

For most families second grade is the time in which your child will most likely receive and meet Jesus in the two sacraments, Holy Eucharist and Penance.   

I heartily recommend throughout the grade school years that religion study contain the threefold studies of Catholic Catechism, Lives of the Saints and Salvation History, tailored to the child’s natural stage of growth and understanding.  

You will see that what follows in this course of study includes a framework “text” Jesus and I, which utilizes the Baltimore Catechism for its review of concepts learned.  We then mesh this with stories from the Bible that exemplify and teach each of the lessons from the framework text, doing so in an illustrative and narrative manner. And lastly you will spend time reading and familiarizing your students with the lives of the saints, paying particular attention to saints who had a devotion to the Holy Eucharist and your child or family’s patron saints.  

There are plenty of hands-on suggestions, directions for teaching catechism and doing Bible narrations. I have included a weekly breakdown for Character Education, by using the Program for Achieving Character Education (PACE).  I chose to only concentrate on three virtues each year.  This program is wonderful to accomplish as a family and I personally found that spreading out the curriculum over a three year period worked better than trying to complete the entire book in just one year.