7th Grade Religion Lesson Plan

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Seventh Grade Religion Lesson Plan PDF, 9 pages (32 weeks), Grade 7—Parent

This year we will concentrate on Salvation History after Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven.  In particular, we will study the Acts of the Apostles, using the actual readings from Holy Scripture and reading novels of the early Christian saints. We will use the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible –Acts, for its rich annotations, references to other texts in the Bible and Catechism. 

We will also use the study questions for discussion prompts.   Time is best spent once a week discussing the chapters.  In the notes are references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, feel free to spend time looking these up and adding them to your discussions and gain more information on each question and answer.However, you may choose to use the same procedure employed in previous years of memorizing and discussing the questions and answers from The New St. Joseph Catechism No. 2. In addition, I offer suggestions for writing assignments. 

You may already have plenty of writing assignments in your other subjects, but learning to put together 2-3 paragraph answers is an appropriate skill before they enter into high school.  

Several of my children worked with Lapbooks, whereby they used these writing prompts to make “mini-books” to answer the writing prompts.  If you have never used this learning technique I recommend using St. Paul the Great Evangelizer Faith Folder Lapbook this year at any point or in the last month as a final project.

Every year we provide time in getting to know several saints through their stories. They can choose their own but I outline some of the early saints stories suited for this age so they may line up with a study of Ancient History usually chosen at this grade level.